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Audio Sermons

The Godhead Explained – By William Branham – April 25, 1961


The Godhead Explained, Part 1 – By Lonnie Jenkins – February 21, 2004


The Godhead Explained, Part 2 – By Lonnie Jenkins – February 22, 2004


Understanding the Godhead By The Word and Not a Creed – by Jesse Smith – August 21, 2013


Videos About the “7 Problems With the Trinity Doctrine”

New 7 Problems With Trinity Doctrine


Word Documents – Bible Study Notes – Click and the file will upload to your computer

Understanding Epistle Greetings About the Godhead

The Logos – The Son or Word Coming Out From The Father

The Humanity of Jesus of Nazareth – Shows how Jesus was fully human

The Deity of Jesus.God in Christ – Shows how Jesus was fully divine

Jesus Received the Holy Ghost – Shows how the divinity, or Holy Ghost, came into the body of Jesus of Nazareth

God is the Holy Spirit – Shows how God the Father is the same person as the Holy Ghost, for the Father is holy (John 17:11) and and is Spirit (John 4:24)

Problems with Trinitarianism – Shows numerous problems the Trinity doctrine creates since it contradicts the Bible