“Restoring Christian Modesty: God’s Perfect Will For Your Outward Appearance”

by Pastor Jesse Smith

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This book is a well written, easy read that will captivate the reader’s attention. I was glued to the book from start to finish. I was pleased that it was not the author’s personal opinions nor adherence to legalism but a teaching based firmly on the Word of God. Many thanks for this work of love. No doubt but what I will use this as a reference many times.

– Tim D. Pruitt, Pastor of Evening Light Tabernacle


I just have to say I’m so glad I bought Pastor Jesse’s book! It’s so informative and gives Scriptural backup on topics that I’ve struggled with my whole Christian life!”

– Jena


Brother Jesse Smith was certainly inspired when he researched and wrote Restoring Christian Modesty.  I was impressed the book was written with no apologies, as its contents are strictly Word-based. I was also happy to see many references applying to boys as well. The information is extremely important in such an age as this, and pertinent to male and female, old and young.”

– Suzanne


This is a wonderful in depth study on modesty taken straight from Scripture! It’s a true blessing and inspiration! Very thorough and yet so comprehensive and easy to read. I love that it isn’t the personal opinions or views of any man or any denomination, but simply what the Bible teaches.”

– Natanyah


Being a pastor and looking for a Biblical resource to cover the subject of modesty, this is a great resource! In an age that seems to get farther and farther from Scriptural authority, especially regarding the truth of holiness, it’s a precious to see a book that gives a full explanation from the Bible and history! I wish the whole world would get a chance to read this especially with it being so close to the Lord’s coming. I bought a book for every family in the congregation, as it will certainly give them pertinent answers to questions they may have as well as a response to questions that they may have from acquaintances. Great job, pastor!

– Cameron Smith, Pastor of Living Waters Tabernacle 


This book is sure to be a blessing to young and old alike who desire to live out Biblical modesty and holiness. Its very well researched and based solely upon the Scriptures. I highly recommend this book and will be placing several copies in our church library.”

– Jim Shumake, Pastor of Lord Jesus Christ Tabernacle


The author sets forth a real true clarity of the Scriptural pattern of God’s desire for modesty among His people. It is very complete in setting this pattern forth from the Old and New Testaments, showing by Scripture from Genesis to Revelation the pattern. The simplicity, yet scriptural depth of which it is written, affords a heart that desires to please the LORD will clearly be moved and strengthened in the Word of God concerning this vital subjection.”

– Samuel Browning, Pastor of Believers Spoken Word Tabernacle 


Your book has truly blessed me and it’s all Bible-based so anyone can understand it. But it also gives us Jesus’ point of view on modesty.”

– Brenda


Such a powerful read and testimony! My wife and I are blessed to have read this book. This book explains God’s will for His sons and daughters to be dressed. Every page is filled with Scipture references to show through the Word how holiness is Bible truth. I will be giving this out to fellow believers as a witness. This is a great read to separate yourself from the world if you have not had someone clearly and simply explain why modesty and holiness is God’s true will. I truly believe you will be blessed to read this well written book.”

– Mike 


Solid teaching! Finally, a study guide that gives so much thorough proof of what the Bible requires of Christians in the area of outward apparel. Pastor Jesse gives an absolute Scriptural witness for holiness revealed through the Holy Bible! Then, if that isn’t enough, he lays out wonderful witnesses left by historical references! May the Lord bless him for this labor of love for the Kingdom of God!

– Simon Smith, Evangelist and Missionary to Thailand  


Unleash God’s power over Satan! This book helps those truly looking to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ more intimately to use the keys in the Scripture that deal with modest living to their advantage over Satan. This is a deeper look inwardly at traps that can work against the walk you want to have with the Almighty. Use the tools that uncover Satan’s snares! I’m sure you will walk more in tune with the desire God placed in you by applying the Scripture, which is life.”

– Chandler


A must read! Great book for Christians who are looking to fully surrender their life to God in this deceptive world. Also a great gift for all ages!

– Adam


“Read through your book in almost one sitting–incredible! Thank you for the detailed, Scripture-based study. God is using you more than you know. Keep up the faith!” 

– Troy Svejda, Evangelist


Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive study on Biblical modesty available. Each topic is thoroughly researched and documented. A well balanced study on an important subject.

– Frank Prater, Pastor of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle


“I received your book yesterday, and have finished reading it. I got a huge blessing from it. The Lord spoke through you while writing it, for sure. You wrote in love and meekness—proof of the fruit of the Spirit! It sounded like Christ, Himself.”

– Misteen


Chapter 1: A Biblical Foundation For Your Outward Appearance – Chapt 1 + Introduction – Restoring Christian Modesty By Jesse Smith


Chapter 2: How To Apply Old Testament Scripture To The New Testament – Chapt 2 Restoring Christian Modesty By Jesse Smith


Chapter 3: The Four Guidelines For Modest Clothing – My Movie


Chapter 4: Hair Length – Chapter 4 Restoring


Chapter 5: Jewelry, Makeup, Tattoos, and High Heels – My Movie


Chapter 6: Connecting The History of American Fashion and the Bible – Chapter 6 AUDIO ONLY Modesty Book


Chapter 7: YouTube Testimonies, Questions and Answers – Chapter 7 Modesty AUDIO


Chapter 8: The Perfect Will of God – Chapter 8 AUDIO ONLY FINAL